Course Angler's Diary

The glorious month of May finds angling expert Andy Nicholson fishing for tench and bream in the glorious West of Ireland.

In August, Andy takes us to Esthwaite Water to tangle with pike against the stunning backdrop of the Lake District.

Matt Hayes stalks carp in September in Oxfordshire.

In October, we are on the Welsh River Wye in pursuit of specimen barbel with John Bailey.

Finally, the simple pleasures of long-trotting for winter grayling in a December excursion.

A delightful, informative insight into the year round excitements of coarse angling.

Game Angler's Season

Join us as we journey through a "Game Angler's Season". Beautifully shot amid wonderful scenery, this film truly has something for every game angler. The stars in the film are all of the U.K.'s main game species, including wild Brown Trout on a Lakeland tarn, stillwater Rainbow Trout, Wessex Brownies, Salmon and Sea Trout on the famous River Towy, Salmon on Ireland's renowned River Moy and Grayling on the magnificent Welsh Dee.

All the waters featured are available to everyone without having to pay a king's ransom for the privilege, proving that the best fishing is not necessarily the most expensive. This is fishing for the common man.

The Gamefishers Year

John Andrew's classic video has been digitally re-mastered onto DVD. He is known as a 'fisher for all seasons', and in this 2-hour programme he covers the complete spectrum of game fishing in Scottish waters - from harling on the River Tay in January, to battling sea trout in July in the Hebrides and Autumn 'greybacks' on the Earn in october.

'The Gamefisher's Year' is packed full of practical information and useful hints about the different techniques used on the waters covered in this programme. This 'visual diary of gamefishing' is a superb way of geathering all the necessary information to become a gamefishing expert yourself. Featuring:
  • JANUARY: opening the salmon season on the Tay
  • FEBRUARY: early fishing among the snow & ice on the River Dee
  • MARCH: managing fisheries. Hatchery work and stocking
  • APRIL: Tulchan on the Spay... spring salmon and Spey casting
  • MAY: in the footsteps of Arthur Wood... greased lines at Cairnton
  • JUNE: glorious wild brown trout on Loch Levan
  • JULY: battling sea trout and summer grilse on the mystical Isle of Harris
  • AUGUST: the Commercial boys! Salmon netting on the Tay
  • SEPTEMBER: salmon at Murthly Castle
  • OCTOBER: big Autumn 'greybacks' on the River Earn
  • NOVEMBER: the renewal... spawning salmon and sea trout on the River Almond
  • DECEMBER: closed month. Recipes to enjoy your catch

Primeval Pike

This fascinating fish has been around for over 60 million years. The Primeval Pike gives us an historical perspective and looks at pike biology and behaviour. Dedicated pike anglers shows us their most successful baiting methods and we are treated to the joy of watching them land pike after pike of all sizes.

Highly acclaimed angler and presenter Andy Nicholson joins forces with The British Museum and fellow expert anglers Ray Baker, Dr. Bruno Broughton, Martyn Page, Vic 'the Rig' Bellars and Max Cottis to raise the profile of this ancient species and to make a compelling case for treating the pike with care and respect.

Essential viewing for all fishing enthusiasts.

The Catfish Expedition

Andy Nicholson, angling journalist, presenter and all round fishing fanatic takes us on an expedition to the heart of Europe in search of Silurus Glanis, the European Catfish.

Andy is joined by accomplished speciment hunters Vic Bellars and Richard Gardner who share their angling tips, techniques, flare and creativity.

Join them on the bank and share the trials and tribulations of the expedition, the plotting and scheming, the mud, wind and rain and the glorious exhilaration of landing the quarry.

The Pratical Guide To Catching Specimen Carp

With Lee Jackson and Max Cottis, presented by Andy Nicholson.

Andy joins forces with Max Cottis and Lee Jackson on a trip to Carp Fishers Abroad, a prolific carp water near Metz, France.

In this stunning extravaganza of carp fishing the most up to date methods are discussed including bait preparation, rigs, tackle, and the most effective way of finding the correct swims. There are carp of all types, Commons, Leathers, Mirrors, Koi and even the elusive hard fighting Grass Carp are hooked and landed. To top it all there is a breathtaking sequence shot at night in which Andy, Max and Lee join in battle with these superb fish.

This is the experience serious carp anglers should not miss. Both Lee Jackson and Max Cottis are members of an elite band of specimen carp anglers, both with record-breaking fish to their credit. Their dedication in the pursuit of big fish allied to their active involvement in tackle and rig development ensures their place amongst the innovators in this prestigious area of coarse angling.

The Occasional Salmon

Andy Nicholson's lifelong passion for fishing is captured in this riveting search for salmon. Filmed on location in beautiful Cumberland and the idyllic Welsh Marshes, The Occasional Salmon is packed with information, tips for success and breathtaking action as fish after fish is hooked and landed.

Ordinary fishermen who have achieved extrordinary success in all weathers and conditions reveal their angling secrets. The breadth of experience shared in this DVD makes it the definitive study on the capture of the King of all fish.

If you haven't fished for salmon yet, you will want to now. If you have already tried, your next excursion is sure to reap richer rewards.

Rod And Line

'...for fishermen run a race with the sun and are always finding that it has beaten them and is casting their shadow on the water...'
Arthur Ransome

Arthur Ransome, author of the internationally successful Swallows And Amazons series, wrote Rod & Line as a compelling tribute to a favourite preoccupation. The late Michael Hordern faithfully reads extracts from the book and conveys the humour and passion of the author as he fishes in a variety of idyllic rural location. Michael's breathless excitement in moments of triumph makes particularly gripping viewing.

Accompanied by delightful music from piano and cello, this DVD will have enduring appeal not just to fishing enthusiasts, but also to those who love the outdoors or have a literary learning.

An enchanting production.

"Rod and Line is Ransome's masterpiece."
Jeremy Swift

The Practical Guide To Gamefishing

Andy Nicholson - a man with angling in his blood and tutored by his father from the time he could first hold a rod. It is not just this deep passion for fishing that makes Andy the perfect presenter, but his tremendous experience in many different facets of angling. Join him as he shows you all you need to know by practical example.

Part 1:
Guest angler - Steve Sloan. Steve, from West Cumbria, a very old friend of Andy's, demonstrates just how successful his speciality of shrimp fishing can be.
With the emphasis on simplicity and mobility, Andy demonstrates his favoured method of worm fishing and catches two good salmon.
Salmon and big sea trout are very similar in many respects, and Andy shows how to identify one from the other on the river bank.
Andy talks about the spinner and the spoon in detail and then demonstrates the different techniques for using them on the river. He goes on to catch a fine double-figure sea trout from the tidal waters.

Part 2:
Guest fly-tier - James Waltham. Author and expert fly-tier James Waltham ties a special grayling fly for Andy, who uses it to great effect catching three nice fish on the Welsh River Dee.
Guest fly tier - James Waltham; Traditional charr angler - Phil Drinkwater; Guest angler - Steve Sloan. With help from his friends, Andy takes on the tricky problem of trying to catch the elusive deep-water charr on a specially tied fly.
In a short fishing sequence Andy shows that the rules are there to be broken by catching a sea trout on the fly during the day in an absolute downpour. Astonishing fishing action.
Guest angler - Ray Baker. Andy visits Packington Fishery in the West Midlands where, after a chat with owner Lord Guernsey, he enjoys some sound tuition and exciting trout fishing with resident instructor Ray Baker.

The Enigmatic Sea Trout

The seat trout has a reputation as a fickle and mysterious quarry. Its acute vision and sensitivity to the least disturbance calls for a completely different approach from the angler.

Filmed exclusively on the beautiful and prolific River Dovey, Andy Nicholson shares his tips and varied techniques on how to catch this handsome fish in all water conditions. The highlight is the powerful night fishing sequence.

The Enigmatic Sea Trout also brings attention to man's efforts to ensure the sea trout's very survival. This is a DVD that entertains and informs. A 'must have' for the serious angler.

The Complete Guide To Offshore Boat Fishing

With an immense variety of fish and coasts to choose from, offshore boat fishing combines the exhilaration of sailing with the excitement and unpredictability of fishing.

In this comprehensive video, expert Bob Cox tells you all you need to know to get away and experience the unbeatable elation of a day's fishing offshore.

One of the most successful skippers on our coasts, Bob demonstrates the tackle, techniques and tips which will help you catch anything from a codling to a shark.

Don't chuck it and chance it! Whether you fish off Essex or Eriskay or further afield in Europe, Bob Cox gives you the know how you need to enjoy the unique pleasures of sea fishing and be successful.

The Game Fly

Andy Nicholson ties flies with expert James Waltham and then sees if they will catch fish. This programme will teach you to tie flies yourself and catch great specimens of grayling, char, salmon, brown and rainbow trout to be really proud of.

Fish Right !

How often have you lost a fish, and not really known why?

That's a question that faces every angler at least once in his career. In this film, Daiwa tackle consultant Roy Marlow covers nearly a hundred small and not so small technique improvements that will more than double your catch. Roy was a member of the famous 'Likely Lads' match team that dominated the competiton scene for over a decade.

He is joined here by Quentin Shaw, and 'aspiring competition angler' who bravely demonstrates his initial techniques and mistakes for the benefit of the programme and reaps immediate rewards from Roy's golden rules on all aspects of fishing.

This compelling film was filmed on location at scenic Mallory park, Leicestershire and includes stunning underwater sequences. The climax is the use of stealth and learned techniques to land a beautiful rainbow carp.

A joy to watch, packed with practical tips, this is a must for any angler who wants to improve!

Falkus On Fly Casting

The Falkus approach to flycasting is unusual. Most anglers consider Spey casting as something to be used only in certain conditions or, more usually, as too difficult to learn easily. Hugh maintained that this is nonsense and that Spey casting had a 'bad press'. It should be used normally, in place of the overhead cast; for singlehanded trout rods as well as for salmon and, indeed, for boat fishing as well - and he demonstrates in detail how safe, how simple to learn, and how easy on the angler Spey casting can be.

The effectiveness of his teaching technique can be judged by the fact that the producer of this programme - who had previously avoided the Spey Cast for the reasons above - now uses it regularly as a result of watching the master at work. "Whatever species you're fishing for," says Hugh, "the angler who cannot Spey cast can never realise his full potential". Hugh Falkus has been described as the elder statesman of fly fishing experts. His books on Sea Trout and Salmon are considered by many as the definitive works on the subjects and are international best sellers.

The Complete Angler With Geoffrey Palmer

The immortal charm of 'The Compleat Angler' has ensured its place in literary history. Written by Izaak Walton in 1653, it concerns the efforts of an experience fisherman as he imparts his wisdom to a novice, eager to learn. The delightful way in which the lore of the river is conveyed, has made it as popular with lovers of literature as it has with anglers keen to gain insight from the lifetime's experience of a true master.

Now, for the first time, two avid fishermen with a sense of history retrace the journey of the book and explore the locations, the fish and the methods that Izaak so beautifully describes. Geoffrey Palmer, one of Britain's best loved actors, with his dry wit and endearing charm is perfectly complemented by the encyclopeadic knowledge of successful East Ender Rae Borras. Together they explore what remains of the world of Izaak Walton. They visit some of his favourite haunts and try methods that he would have used 350 years ago.

As much about two great characters who share a passion as it is about fishing, the warm, often humorous series oozes a gentle charm that will enthral and seduce fishermen and non fishermen alike.

Includes 15 minutes of previously unseen footage.

Improve Your Course Fishing

The principal with the 'Improve Your Coarse Fishing' series is to do what the magazine does - concentrating on UK pleasure fishing on the kind of waters anyone can fish, and techniques that anyone can use with a bit of application.

In presenter Kev Green's words: "The series is all about helping people catch more fish and bigger fish on venues they can identify with. We are targeting many different species in many different ways.

"We cover carp, but the series is by no means all about carp fishing. It's about enjoying the pleasure fishing that the UK has to offer and learning things that will improve your own fishing."

Fishing for bream (Bluebell Lakes, Northamptonshire), tench and perch (River Nene) are covered as Kevin, who is editor of Improve Your Coarse Fishing magazine, goes fishing with Angling Times' editor Richard Lee.

Don't miss Kevin's visit to Docklow Pools in Herefordshire to show the quality of silver fish sport available on the country's commercial fisheries, as he puts his pole to good use to for a superb bag of roach.

A brilliant episode sees Kevin joining carp man Steve Broad in a head-to-head at a typical commercial carp pool, with Steve using Method tactics for big carp and Kevin giving a masterclass in the use of market floats and spods to target carp in numbers.

It's not all about stillwaters though, with Kevin 'hooking up' with Bob Robberts for some real Mr. Crabtree style fishing, stalking chub and barbel on a picture postcard tributary of the River Trent and there's some amazing underwater footage of barbel and chub feeding to enjoy.

Also look out for Kevin teaming up with former Wasps rugby player Jonathan Watt at Hartleylands Farm in Kent. Jonathan shows how to fish (paste) on the bottom for carp, with Kevin enjoying plenty of action up in the water with a splasher waggler and big pellet waggler.

And Kevin's back with the nation's favourite fish when he visits Lemington Lakes in the Cotswold, to target big tench in the margins ...and he bags a personal best on the pole for good measure!

"With the techniques and instruction we have been careful to include plenty that will get you more bites, without making it too complicated. The series is all about enjoyment, and catching more fish," adds Kevin.