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Inside QM2

Cunards Flagship
The Queen Mary 2 is the flagship for Cunard, its transatlantic crossing takes 6 days from New York to Southampton, see behind the scenes to see what it takes the crew to get this magnificent ship across the Atlantic Ocean, and how the guest have a luxurious time.

Queen Elizabeth 2 - The Last Great Liner

The story of the QE2 from her beginning to the Trans Atlantic Voyages to her retirement, we hear from the crew and captains of this great liner.

Tall Ships

The romance of the Tall Ships under full sail is a sight that continues to thrill and fascinate every year as they gather for the Cutty Sark Race.

This video is the first detailed "on-board" study of some of the world's greatest sailing ships taking part in a Cutty Sark Tall Ships race and is an extended version of the HTV documentary.

Celebrated Round-the-World yachtswoman Tracy Edwards is seen working with the crews and taking the helm of the brig Royalist. Share the excitement of the young crews as they prepare the ships in harbour; learn from experienced watch keepers what it is like to work and sail a Tall Ship; go aloft to watch the incredible agility and skill involved in setting and trimming the sails; and find out what it was like to live and sleep in a Tall Ship.

Tall Ships old and new featured in the video include: Poland's 350ft Dar Mlodziezy, the British barque Lord Nelson; barquentines Iskra II and Malcolm Miller; the Dutch schooner Eendracht and France's Belle Poule and Etoile. Other famous names include Astrid and Royalist. Nothing can match the thrill of sailing in a Tall Ship but this video comes close.

Commentary from Sail Training Association Race Director John H. Hamilton.

DVD EXTRAS: Contains a DVD-ROM section with information on how to recognise Tall Ships' Rigs and a Plan of Tall Ships which can be printed out if you play this disc in your PC (your PC must have a DVD-ROM player). Plus extra information about the ships taking part in the race on the reverse of the sleeve.

The Story Of The RMS Queen Mary

Queen Of The Seas

The Queen Mary was one of those famous icons of the 20th Century, the worlds most famous liner spent 31 years crossing the North Atlantic.

This is the story of the Queen Mary's construction on the Clde in Scotland and her maiden voyage in 1936.

This DVD is full of archive film from the 1930's, of her wartime period and of the North Atlantic voyages in the 1950's and 1960's.

Top Liner: RMS Queen Elizabeth

Queen Of The Sea
A look around the splendid queen of the sea the RMS Queen Elizabeth and just what it takes for the day to day running of this magnificent ocean liner

Southampton: City Of Ships

The most famous cruise liners cruise the seas and all are or have been based at Southampton inc Titanic, Grand Princess, Oriana, Arcadia, Aurora & Sea Princess