Out Of This World


The Solar System

  • THE SUN - Covers the birth, life and death of the Sun, interior dynamics and exterior fireworks, sunspots, the corona, solar winds and everything you need to know about our local star
  • MERCURY - The most comprehensive portrait ever of this scorched little planet. Takes a look at double sunrises, craters, cracks and, incongruously, maybe polar ice
  • VENUS - Looking at the planetary hell beneath the clouds, the poisonous, crushing atmosphere, seating heats, volcanoes and a runaway greenhouse effect
  • EARTH - The evolution of the earth and of life, its internal structure, continental drift, day length, seasons, oceans, climate, weather and El Nino
  • MOON(aka Luna) - The story of the Moon and its birth from collisions, its influence on Earth, Apollo landings and the recent discovery of water
  • AURORAE AND ECLIPSES - Taking a look at celestial shows, how the solar wind conjures an aurora, lunar and solar eclipses explained and a recent eclipse of the Sun
  • MARS - Could cold arid Mars be the next place we land? Looking at polar caps, volcanoes, the biggest canyon ever seen and the possibility that Mars once had oceans
  • LIFEQUEST - Is there life elsewhere in the Solar System? Could life be sustained on Jupiter's moon Europa or even Saturn's moon Titan in the future?
  • IMPACT! - Exploring the threats of comets and asteriods and what would happen if the spacerock that slew the dinosaurs hit New York today
  • JUPITAR - Bigger than the other planets combined, Jupitar is a turbulent gas giant with 16 moons. We take a voyage through this mini Solar System
  • SATURN - Exploring the many rings and moons of this exotic gas cloud and a preview of a landing on Titan, a moon like primitive Earth
  • URANUS AND NEPTUNE - The outer giants. Uranus has a crazy tilt and a chaotic moon called Miranda and Neptune with tempests and a moon spurting geysers
  • REALM OF THE COMETS - Looking at comets and where the originate, the Oort Cloud and the Kuiper Belt and the possibility that pluto isn't a planet at all (recently declassified)

Discovery Into Deep Space

  • SPACE FRONTIER - Human space exploration, from Yuri Gagarin's first orbit of space to the race for the Moon and the Apollo landings
  • HIGH LIFE - Living and working in space, triumphs, tragedies and everyday practicalities on the Russian space-station Mir and America's Space Shuttle
  • WHERE NEXT? - The possibility of a spaceport in Earth-orbit, the colonisation of the Moon and Mars, the taming of Venus, plus an elevator into space!
  • BREAKTHROUGH! - From the ancient sky-watchers of Babylon to space-age cosmology, the story of astronomy featuring Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, Newton and Hubble
  • EARTH PATROL - Launched into Earth-orbit, these are the satellites that monitor the health of our planet. Looking at the ozone, the melting ice-caps, weather, deforestation and navigation
  • ROBOTS - A look at our scouts in the Solar System. Probes that trail-blaze on Mars, plunge into Jupiter and land on Saturn's moon Titan
  • HUBBLE'S EYE - After astronauts fix its faulty optics, the Hubble Space Telescope peers back through time to the depths of the cosmos
  • LIGHT FANTASTIC - Visible light reveals only part of the Universe. We look at how other wavelengths fill out the picture, from gamma-rays to radio
  • MILKY WAY - Our galaxy explored and light years explained. Looking at the life and death of stars, supernovae and the clouds where stars are born
  • INFINITY - Looking at the structure of the Universe, galaxies, clusters, strands and how we measure to a nearby galaxy and to the farthest quasar
  • BIG BANG, BIG CRUNCH - The theory of the Big Bang explained and how from that cataclysmic explosion the Universe continues to expand, but will it stop and reverse?
  • BLACK HOLES, DARK MATTER - Although invisible, black holes betray their presence, which is the same with dark matter: the missing 90% of the Universe

The Complete Cosmos Boxed Set

Includes -

The Complete Solar System

Discovery Into Deep Space

Extreme Weather Experience

The story of the Memphis Belle is legendary. One of the first colour histories of WW2 the extraordinary colour footage remains as breathtaking as ever.

Now producer William Woollard has produced a definitive two-part two-hour production adding more than 60% of remarkable hitherto unseen footage.

'The Untold Story' includes a remastered and revised version of the epic bombing raid PLUS footage of the triumphant return of the Belle to the United States. Extra footage features colour pictures of the first long distance raid on Ploesti in Romani as well as a full study of the development of the B17s and the B29s, the never produced Douglas B19 and the awesome U.S. build up of men and machines that finally defeated the Luftwaffe and vindicated the deadly policy of daylight bombing.

From Palm Beach to Hiroshima, with amazing archive material and authoritative commentary, this is the untold story of the B17s and B29s that surround the legend of the Memphis Belle.