Treasures of St Petersberg

"An inspiring tour through one the architectural wonders of the world." - The Times

"This is more than a story of the fine city, it is also a tribute to the courage and determination of its people" - Daily Mail

St Petersburg - the extraordinary beauty of its architecture and canals, its complex and volatile history, its fantastic cultural treasures, all combine to provide the subject of a riveting documentary.

A city created from the swamps by Peter the Great, it was for 200 years the capital of the world's largest country - home to legendary rulers like Catherine the Great, and the tragic Tsar Nicholas II.

A central player in the history of the last century, the home of literary giants like Pushkin and Dostoyevsky, composers such as Rimsky-Korsakov and Shostakovich, it was both the scene of one of the most bitter sieges of the second world war and the birthplace of the Bolshevik revolution.

The Russians - urged on by native son President Putin - have been spending some $1.5 billion restoring the city and preparing it for its 21st century role as the country's 'summer capital' and a major tourist destination.

This series, originally commissioned by Channel Five, narrated by Tim Marlow and with music performed by The State Hermitage Orchestra, explores the art and architecture of this 'Venice of the North' through wonders like the Winter Palace, St Isaac's Cathedral and the Church on Spilled Blood - and not least the treasures contained in The Hermitage, possibly the greatest museum in the world.

Treasures Of Athens & Olympia

Greece is both the birthplace of the ancient Olympic Games and the location of the recent 2004 modern Olympics. The legacy of the country pervades the consciousness of all Western nations, and the English language's greatest early literature draws on Greek myths for inspiration; some of the most evocative words, including 'chaos', 'drama', 'tragedy' and 'democracy', are taken from Greek.

This 'thoughtful three-part series' (The Daily Telegraph) was commissioned by Channel Five and is narrated by Tim Marlow. It is shot in some of the most spectacular sites, galleries and museums of Athens, Olympia, Delphi and Epidavros.

Episode 1 looks at how 5th century Greece experienced the 'Great Awakening' in art and architecture and, in the process, became the source of Western civilisation.

Episode 2 continues by looking at how Greek art and architecture developed during the Byzantine period and in the 19th and 20th centuries and how 'neo-classicism' came to dominate our cityscapes.

Episode 3 rounds off by examining how ancient Greek artists put human beings at the centre "of all things" and began to portray form in a realistic rather than stylistic way.

'Superlative' - The Observer

Fred Dibnah's Ups And Downs Of Chimneys

"One mistake up here and it's half a day out with the undertaker!"

The amazing world of Fred Dibnah - Britain's legendary Steeplejack - and star of the acclaimed BBC TV series 'Fred Dibnah - Steeplejack', 'A Year with Fred' and many other TV documentaries. Watch in awe as Fred demolishes the towering brick built chimneys of Britain's industrial past.

See the nail biting moment as Fred sets the fire going to Rugby Mill Chimney at Oldham, Lancashire - just 4'6" from the next building! See how the master steeplejack ladders a chimney from start to spectacular finish.

Enjoy the wit and wisdom of one of Britain's most colourful characters and 'Watch them Fall Down!

Fred Dibnah's All Steamed Up

"Steam Engines are what made England great - and they don't answer back! You can belt them with a hammer and they say nowt."

Fred Dibnah was famous for his great restoration work with England's great Steam Engines. This is a unique tribute to the magnificent machines which proudly travelled the roads of Britain. Fred was fascinated with steam at a very early age and soon bought his first Steam Roller to restore and thus learn a second trade - his first being Britain's favourite steeplejack!

Join Fred as he visits the famous Cheshire Steam Fair, one of the country's greatest steam spectacles.

Be there in the cab of Fred's own Aveling & Porter 10 Ton Road Roller BETSY built in 1910.

Watch how Fred tests the Fowler 86 Road Loco - ATLAS.