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Wings On Waves

Felixstowe 2013 carnival air show
relive all the excitement of the wings on waves air show on the 4th August 2013 featuring aircraft like the Catalina Flying Boat and the Supermarine Spitfire

Westbury To Swindon: A Drivers Eye View

Westbury to Swindon - A Drivers Eye View

Filmed from the drivers cab of a class 153 diesel multiple unit belonging to Wessex Railways with a top speed of 75mph.

Departing from Westbury calling at Trowbridge, Melksham, Chippenham before arriving at Swindon

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Vintage Felixstowe: The 1955 Felixstowe Guide

The 1955 Felixstowe Holiday Guide
The Official 1955 Felixstowe Guide available for the first time on DVD in the form of a slide show, plus as an added bonus an extra disc containing the guide in PDF format which can be printed out on a home PC with a printer

Vintage Felixstowe 2

The 1947 Felixstowe Holiday Guide
The 1947 Felixstowe guide supplied on 2 discs, one in PDF form so you can print it out on your home pc and keep forever, the other disc is the guide in a slide show format so you can view it on your TV while listening to music from that year.
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Training Films

RAF training films from the Second World War

Selection of traing films made by the RAF during the second world war.

These include The Leica Camera, Split Field Servo Motors & Movement Vibrators

These are silent films so their is NO sound on DVD

Tracks On the Isle Of Wight

Steam Trains on the Isle OF Wight
Archive film from the 1950's and 1960's showing the steam trains that run regular services on the Isle Of Wight abd then the introduction of electrifiaction ready for the "new" London tube trains that were to replace steam.

Tracks Around The Island 2

More tracks around the Isle Of Man
Following on from the first Tracks Around The Island, we now have vol 2 which features the Groudel Glen Railway, The Snaefell Mountain Railway and the Douglas Horse Drawn Trams.

Tracks Around The Island

The Isle Of Man Railways

The Isle Of Man is a haven for train and transport lovers, from the Manx Electric Railway, The Isle Of Man Steam Railway, The Snaefell Mountain Railway to the Douglas Horsedrawn Tram.

But their history goes back a long way, this DVD will show just how much the transport has changed over the years and the different lines that are no longer going.

Sit back as we take a journey on the tracks around the Island and look back at the Manx Railways Through The Years.

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Towards Electrification

The Electrification of the East Anglia railway line

A look at the running of British Rail Crown Point service centre at Norwich.

The day to day running of Manningtree Railway Station.

A brief history of the railways in East Anglia.

Top Liner: RMS Queen Elizabeth

Queen Of The Sea
A look around the splendid queen of the sea the RMS Queen Elizabeth and just what it takes for the day to day running of this magnificent ocean liner

The Royal Mile

Edinburgh's famous Royal Mile in the 1960's
Made in the 1960's this fascination DVD looks at the history of Edinburgh's Royal Mile and its strong links with the Royal Family.

The Raising Of The Gateway

The European Gateway Ferry Disaster
How the European Gateway ferry was raised from the sea in 1983 after she was involved in a collision off the Felixstowe coast.
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The Kirton Light Railway

Fred Last and his Garden Railway in Kirton
An inside look at Fred Last Kirton Light Railway and how it all started plus we spend the day with Fred at his annual open day where he raises money for the St Elizabeth Hospice.
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The Felixstowe Floods of 1953

A look at the floods which hit Felixstowe in 1953

Saturday 31st January 1953 saw the worst natural disaster to hit the East Coast of England in living memory.

Relive the tragic events with archive footage taken at the time.

Plus we visit Holm Hill Farm which was deserted that fateful night and never been lived in since.

The Felixstowe Branch Line: In Days Gone By

Felixstowe Railway Line In Years Gone By

The story of the Ipswich To Felixstowe Branch Line with archive photos and archive films.

We start our journey at Westerfield then we visit Derby Road, Orwell (now closed), Trimley, Felixstowe Beach (now closed), Felixstowe Pier (now closed) Felixstowe Goods Shed (now demolished) and Felixstowe Town.

This is a must for any railway enthusiast.

Running Time 46 minutes.


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Steam Returns To Felixstowe Dock

Steam returns to Felixstowe Dock to mark its centenary
Celebrate Felixstowe Dock centenary when in 1986 steam returned to Felixstowe, to celebrate this special occasion an original steam tank engine plus a steam crane returned for one day only, this DVD tells you how steam returned to Felixstowe dock
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RDF To Radar

How radar was developed in the Second World War

The film provides a historical record for audiences associated with the development of radar and a summerised introduction to detailed T.R.E radar films alreday produced.

Never before seen on DVD, this film has been transfered from a genuine 16mm film

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RAF Felixstowe: 22 Squadron Air Sea Rescue

RAF Felixstowe 22 Squadron

Training film of a rescue mission at RAF Felixstowe in which the crew are

scrambled to rescue an injured seaman on a yacht off the Felixstowe coast

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Palace Cinemas Felixstowe Refurbishment

The modernisation of the Palace Cinema in Felixstowe

In 2010 the Palace Cinemas in Felixstowe underwent a refurbishment programme in both screens 1 & 2.

With new projectors, sound system, seating, screens and full redecoration and carpets come on  ajourney and see what took place from start to finish.

Odeon Cavalcade

Odeon Cinemas
The story of the Odeon Cinemas