Angels Media Studios Releases


A Study Of Steam

Made by the LMS film unit in the early 1930's this film shows just what goes into making a steam locomotive, ideal for any steam train enthuisiast.

DVD comes with a host of bonus features

A Tour On The Felixstowe Open Top Bus

Come with us as we take a tour around Felixstowe on the open top bus, see all the sights that Felixstowe has to offer on this fascinating tour

An All Saints View Of Stradbroke

A Birds eye view of Stradbroke

All Saints Church, has been in Stradbroke since the 14th Century, it stands in the middle of the village.

With its breathtaking architect, come with us as we take a tour around the church, visit the annual flower festival and see some breath taking views from the top of the tower.

Beccles Bygones

A look at Beccles in years gone by through the views of postcards

Classic Christmas Cartoons

Classic Christmas Cartoon that will entertain children of all ages

Colmans - The Mustard Makers

The history of Colmans in Norwich famed for their mustard

Colman's - The Mustard Makers

History of Colmans - The Mustard Makers


A look at the history of Colman's of Norwich, the mustard makers

DVD contains 2 programmes, An Introduction to Coleman's and Colman's The Mustard Makers



Come On You Blues

Ipswich Town Football Club Wins The FA Cup
Relive the magic moment when Ipswich Town FC lifts the FA Cup in 1978 through the cinema news reel, the atmoshere, the tension and the glory when Mick Mills takes those magic steps up to the royal box in Wembly Stadium to lift the cup for Ipswich.

Debellamus Superbos

War time radar

The rapid development of radar during the last war made anti aircraft gun an effective weapon in the defence of Great Britain.

With radar it became possible for the guns to locate accurately their target and destroy it.

These developments, the outcome of work started 25 years ago by what is now the radar reasearch and development establishment tell one story of the fight against the unseen invader.


Bonus Features

Centimetric Oscillators

Elementary Principles

Derann At Pinewood (2 Disc Set)

Derann Audio Visual organise a film convention at Pinewood Studios plus other conventions

Second disc contains Derann catalogues plus other film dealer catalogues

DMU Engine Driver

Five training films from the 1950's from British Rail about the Diesel Multiple Units

Duncan Bannatyne's Seaside Rescue

Duncan Bannatyne rescue's Felixstowe

Duncan Bannatyne's Seaside Rescue will see an undercover family visiting a desolate and dilapidated attraction, where they will file a secret video report upon which Duncan will base his plan of action.

He will then set to work on everything from unbalanced books to rikety rides in the hope of putting out faltering seaside attractions back on track.

This is exclusively available on DVD from Golden Memories Sound & Design

East Anglia From The Air

A tour around Suffolk and Norfolk by air
Fly along the coastline of Suffolk passing by Felixstowe, Aldeburgh, Sothwold & Lowestoft head into Norfolk to Gorleston & Great Yarmouth before we go to North Norfolk and Cromer, Sherringham and Hunstanton before we head in land to Weybourne

East Anglia in the 1970's

A look at East Anglia in the 1970's
Life in East Anglia has changed so much over the years, in this DVD we see how farming has been taken over by new industry and the development of new towns bringing in more employment.

East Anglia Through The Years

East Anglia seen through the eyes of the cinema

6 different films highlighting what East Anglia has to offer shown to the public in the cinemas of many years ago.


1. Through East Anglia

2. East Anglia Coastline

3. Light On East Anglia

4. Maritime East Anglia

5. East Anglia

6. Our Herring Industry

Felixstowe Branch In 1989

Filmed during 1989, the line still has signal boxes at Trimley and Derby Road with tokens being handed to the driver to proceed down the line, level crossing gates are manualy operated and the line has semaphore signals.


Class 101 DMU's take care of the passengers and class 37 locomotives handle the freight trains

Felixstowe Bygones

A look at Felixstowe's history through the yes of the seaside postcard
A pictorial history of Felixstowe as seen through the eyes of the traditional seaside postcard

Felixstowe DVD Christmas Card

Felixstowe DVD Christmas Card

Just like the Felixstowe DVD postcard but designed for Christmas plus as well inside the card you get the DVD with the 30 minute travelogue of Felixstowe plus a little short film of what Felixstowe looks like in Winter covered in snow.

** New For Christmas 2010 **

An added bonus of another short film about the Felixstowe Town Christmas Lights

Send the family and friends a different type of Christmas card this year.

Felixstowe DVD Postcard

Felixstowe DVD Postcard: 2014 version

Something unusual and novel to send to your family and friends, instead of sending postcards why not send a DVD postcard.

The card is an A5 greeting card with full colour printing inside as well as outside, their is space for you to write your message.

Inside the greeting card is a DVD with a 30 minute travelogue of Felixstowe showing the sights and sounds of around Felixstowe plus as well their is a comprehensive commentary.

Once you have written your message inside the card just pop the card into the envelope provided and then address it to who you want to send it to put an ordinary 2nd or 1st class stamp on it and pop it into the post box.

Your family and friends will be delighted to get this and keep it forever.

Felixstowe Floods of 1953

The devastation caused to Felixstowe in 1953 when the floods hit

Felixstowe Flying Boats & The Sea

Felixstowe Flying Boats

Felixstowe has a long association with the sea from when it first become a popular seaside resorts for holidaymakers and day trippers.

Come with us as we take a trip back to yesteryear and revisit Felixstowe, we see the fishing fleet take to sea and prepare the fresh catch of the day.

See the Walton Belle steamer as she visits Felixstowe Pier on her journey up the coast.

We also take a look at the famous Felixstowe flying boats and see exactly what it took to get them in the air.

Plus we see the devastating floods of January 1953 and what damage mother nature can cause.

Felixstowe For Fun & Sun

Felixstowe filmed just before and just after the Second World War in colour

Take a trip down memory lane to a bygone era in Felixstowe, filmed just before and just after World War 2.

See the sea front with the Pier Pavillion, Hamilton Road plus much more.

Filmed in 16mm colour, which at the time was very rare with the war looming, and perfectly preserved for all time.

The film has been professionaly transferred to give optimum viewing pleasure.

Felixstowe Through The Year

A year in the life of Felixstowe plus behind the scenes in 2008

We look back at the events that took place in Felixstowe during 2008, including - RAF Freedom of Felixstowe 50th Anniversary, The Carnival, Art On The Prom, The Continental Market, The Christmas Lights plus as well we visit some of Felixstowe attractions including The Spa Pavilion, The Leisure Centre, Mannings Amusement Park, Felixstowe & Walton FC & Felixstowe Ferry Golf Club.

We also see some views that few if any have seen before.

DVD runs for 3 hours

Felixstowe Through The Year Take 2

A year in the life of Felixstowe filmed in 2008

This is an abridged version of Felixstowe Through The Year

DVD runs for 2 hours 30 minutes

Felixstowe: The Golden Resort

When the railways arrived in Felixstowe the tourists and holidaymakers flocked to Felixstowe for the summer holiday, with its warm climate t was the perfect location for the family summer holiday.